2021 in review

Another year in the books! Similar to the end of last year, I want to look back and take stock of all articles, research papers, podcasts, webinars, panel discussions, etc. in which I was involved. The goal of all this work is to spread the word about blockchain, digital assets, digital currencies, and the functioning of our monetary system.

I counted 102 publications/events, up from 54 in 2021. Publishing almost 2 items per week is only possible because I am blessed to work together with a range of very smart people. It is impossible to mention all of them here, but I want to highlight my podcast co-hosts Michael Blaschke and Jonas Gross as well as my good friend and fellow monetary theory geek Manuel Klein.

Below you find a list with links to some of the articles and event recordings. There are already exciting projects in the pipeline for 2022. This is only the beginning! Stay tuned and stay healthy! I wish all of you a happy new year and all the best for 2022!

The year in numbers

  • Published 4 academic working papers
  • Taught 1 complete course (12 lectures) at the University of St. Gallen and gave 3 lectures at other universities
  • Visited 9 conferences (of which 2 have been in person)
  • Wrote 6 articles / op-eds
  • Was a guest in 11 webinars / podcasts / online panels etc.
  • Produced 81 podcast episodes together with my co-hosts and was in front of the mic in 57 of them (Bitcoin, Fiat & Rock’n’Roll)

The year in detail (a selection)

Research: Designing a Central Bank Digital Currency with Support for Cash-like Privacy
Gross, Jonas; Sedlmeir, Johannes; Babel, Matthias; Bechtel, Alexander; Schellinger, Benjamin. 2021. [Link]
Research: Quantitative Easing and the Safe Asset Illusion
Bechtel, Alexander; Eisenschmidt, Jens; Ranaldo, Angelo and Veghazy, Alexia Ventula. University of St. Gallen, School of Finance Working Paper Series. 2021. [Link]
Teaching: Blockchain & Money
Bachelor course, University of St. Gallen
International Cryptocurrency Conference, Tehran
Talk: 8 theses on the tokenized economy
Talk: Digital currencies
Panel: Q&A on blockchain and digital currencies
Blockchance Conference, Hamburg & online
Talk: Do we really need CBDC?
Bundesbank Conference “The future of payments”, online
Panel: Does the euro area need the digital euro?
RBI Blockchain Night, online
Panel: How does the future of payments look like? [Link]
EFA 48th Annual Meeting, online
Talk: Quantitative Easing and the Safe Asset Illusion
Watch.it DHBW Mosbach Expertenforum, online
Talk: The digital euro- A Public-Private-Partnership [Link DE]
Panel: The digital Euro [Link DE]
EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation, online
Talk: Why we need a public and private digital euro
Panel: The digital euro
Blockchain for Europe Summit, online
Panel: Stablecoins and the international role of the Euro
Crypto Assets Conference, online
Talk: What are CBDC and why do we need them? [Link]
Panel: Can we expect the digital programmable Euro in 2022?
Panel: Which Hurdles Do Exist for the Digital Programmable Euro?
Untitled Investment Talk, online
Podcast: Digital Euro with Alexander Bechtel from Deutsche Bank [Link]
Podcast: The Future of Banking with Alexander Bechtel from Deutsche Bank [Link]
Wirtschaftsrat CXO-Event Sylt 2021, online
Panel: Wettbewerb digitaler Währungen
Kryptohelden, online
Podcast: Digitales Zentralbankgeld und mehr [Link DE]
Blocktrainer YouTube, online
Interview: Digitaler Euro CBDC anonyme Zahlungen möglich? [Link DE]
METACO Talks, online
Interview: The Crypto Business Case for a Bank [Link]
CryptX Conference, Frankfurt/Offenbach
Keynote: 10 theses on the tokenized economy
SIBOS Conference, online
Panel: Tokenized assets, stablecoins, and CBDC [Link]

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